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[International] Prague spring 2 skype chat – every 2 Weeks …

Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Mittwoch Februar 20, 2019

There is a Skype group dedicated to the political issues of Central and Eastern Europe.

This group comes every 2 weeks via Skype in discussion about current Tehmen. The last Skype session had the following main topics:

  • Venezuela and meeting in Caracas,
  • Odessa+5 solidarity actions in May,
  • Stop repression in Russia and Ukraina,
  • Stop repression in EU;
  • EU elections, is there a need for a pan-European initiative?
  • Stop corporate Europe, yes to democracy, detente and justice.

Next chat will be a CET 14:00 28.2.

How to participate?

To participate in the discussion, you must be a member of the Skype group. This requires a Skype account (is free, how to create: If you are interested to be part of the group please contact Leo Gabriel – preferably by mail – which then enters our Skype account in the list of members.

Furthe Information

There is now a new website for Prague Spring 2:

Activists for peace in Sweden has also started to publicize more material on its English blog:
On the Swedish blog is there a statement made by PS2 on the Sea of Azov incident in Swedish and English:


To be part of teh CHAT:

Contact in Austria: Leo Gabrie;;

Kontakt international:

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