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Next chat of „Prague Spring 2“ Tuesday July 5th 16h CET

Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Sonntag Juli 3, 2016
Dear comrades!
Our next CHAT is Tuesday July 5th 16h CET.
Agenda (proposal):
– Warsaw Anti-NATO-conference July  July 8-1Oth- PS 2 will be there with some comrades; we will have a 2 pages leaftlet. Warsaw is an excellent possibility to prepare/ get contacts for the planned UKAINE delegation!
– WSF Montreal – again PS 2 will be represented through some comrades. We will have „seminars“ to the topics: Syria (Leo); international rise of the far right (Hermann);… I want to remember that PS 2 is now MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL (IC) and that we will play during the IC-meeting in Montreal (after the WSF) an ACTIVE role!
– info
– next CHAT
– protocol
This CHAT will be the last one before Warsaw: so !!ALL!! COMRADES SHOULD PARTICIPATE!!!!!!
The protocol of the last CHAT I will send You later.
In solidarity
Hermann Dworczak
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