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[EUROEXIT] 23.9.-25.9. Europäisches No-Euro-Forum in Italien

Bloged in Allgemein,Diskussion by friedi Montag Juni 20, 2016

Was kommt nach der EU?
23.-25. September 2016, Chianciano Terme, Siena, ItalienVorläufige Liste der Redner und Rednerinnen

Inge Höger, MP Die Linke
Paul Steinhardt, former Frankfurt investment banker, economist,
editor and
Thomas Zmrzly, activist of the German Eurexit committee

Great Britain
Tariq Ali, author

Jacques Nikonoff, economist, former speaker of Attac, president of
Pardem (Party of deglobalisation)
Jacques Cotta, film maker, journalist with France Télévision and
political author. Founder of the website “la sociale”
Jacques Sapir, economist and author
Yves Rouille, former leader of the union CGT
Gilles Amiel de Ménard, scientist, Pardem

Costas Lapavitsas, economist, former MP of Syriza and founder of the
European Network Research Network on Social and Economic Policy
Costas Isichos, Popular Unity and ex minister of the first SYRIZA
Alekos Alavanos, Plan B, economist, leading figure of the left
Nikos Galanis, Popular Unity and Initiative of Communist Left
Panagiotis Sotiris, philosopher and member of Popular Unity
Dimitris Mitropoulos, Popular unity and Initiative of Communist Left
Dimitris Kazakis, economist, leader of the United Popular Front EPAM
Leonidas Chryssanthopoulos, former ambassador for Greece
Themis Symvoulopoulos, employee of ERT (public media outlet), EPAM

Maria Muratova or Victor Shapinov, both leading members of Borotba
exiled on Crimea and in Donbass
Vasilji Volga, Union of Leftist Forces

Mimmo Porcaro, intellectual of the no-euro left
Carlo Formenti, sociologist, university professor, scholar of
populist phenomena
Alfredo D’Attore, MP, former Democratic Party, now one of the
leading exponents of the nascent “Italian Left” party
Vladimiro Giacchè, economist (Communist Left)
Giorgio Cremaschi, Ex-president of the FIOM (CGIL metalworkers’
union), current spokesman for the National “Euro-stop campaign”
Alberto Bagnai, economist, editor Goofynomics
Luciano Barra Caracciolo, jurist and editor of Limes
Moreno Pasquinelli, Movimento di Liberazione Popolare – Programma
Leonardo Mazzei, Movimento di Liberazione Popolare – Programma 101

José Luis Centella, secretary general Communist Party of Spain
Josep Manel Busqueta, former MP for CUP, Catalonia
Pedro Montes, economist and president of Socialismo21
Diosdado Toledano González, Salir del Euro
Manolo Monereo, political analyst and candidate for Unidos Podemos
Ramón Franquesa, professor for world economy at the Universidad de
Barcelona, co-ordinator Frente Cívico de Cataluña

Albert F. Reiterer, sociologist
Boris Lechthaler, Solidarwerkstatt
Leo Gabriel, social anthropologist and leading member of the World
Social Forum
Wilhelm Langthaler, author, speaker of the Anti-imperialist Camp
Gernot Bodner, physician and founding member

Luís Bernardo, member editorial board Portuguese edition Le Monde
Diplomatique. Previously member Attac Portugal. Co-initiated the
European Lexit Nework

Representative of United Left (Združena levica)

Antti Pesonen, IPU (Independence party)

Programm und Aufruf
Euroexit Mailingliste
JPBerlin – Politischer Provider

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