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Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Dienstag November 13, 2012

Though fascism was defeated after the Second World War in many European countries neofascist forces could reorganize themselves and act publicly. But with some exceptions their influence was rather weak- they acted mainly at the borders of the society.
The neoliberal offensive and the open outbreak of the combined- economic, social, ecological and political- crises of capitalism has changed the situation fundamentally. Today far right and populist parties- in some cases even open fascist forces like in Greece- could gain mass support and are situated now in the middle of the society. They misuse with their demagogy the widespread fear and uncertainty in the society. Instead of speaking about the real reasons of the crises they make scapecoats responsible(jews, muslims, roma and sinti, national minorities, retired and disabled persons etc.). It is one of our main duties to defend them against the attacks of the far right.

As a consequence of the lacking of a comprehensive alternative to the crises and failures of the trade unions and the left in the past far right and populist parties have now a mass influence and are a real danger for the further development of the societies.

We the participants of „Firenze 10 plus 10“ call upon all movements, tradeunions , left organizations and parties to take the danger of the far right seriously. Especially we underline the necessity of strong and concrete solidarity with the Greeks who defend themselves against the dictatorship of the Troika and the rising influence of the fascists .

We will intensify our attempts to enlarge the common international activities against the far right by bringing networks together, exchanging informations, deepening the analysis and elaborating positive answers to the crises.

We will support and take the initiative for -international- mobilisations and actions against the far rig
ht- like the massive street blockades in Dresdens where the Nazis were prevented to march through the town.


As a result of seminars at „Firenze 10 plus 10“ on the far right this common text was elaborated and adopted in the final plenum.


Hermann Dworczak (activist in the Austrian Social Forum;0043/676/ 972 31 10)

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