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[WSF] Invitation „FORUM CONNECT“ SESSION#1 – ThursdayDECEMBER 17 TIME 12-14.00 UTC/GMT

Bloged in Allgemein,Systemalternativen by friedi Donnerstag Dezember 10, 2020

„FORUM CONNECT „is a self organized working group to contribute to systematize information regarding the World Social forum (WSF) in a didactic process to educate all of us.

Our goal is to develop a body of knowledge through FORUM CONNECT dialogue sessions, and the documentation from those, that will help better understand, and practice as participants , the WSF, and possibly, to better implement its manifestations in “facilitating collectives”.

We invite everyone in the WSF open space of encounters who would like to participate in these Forum Connect dialogues to come with their questions and experiences, if any, about WSF . We hope this participation will help find ways in which to get involved.


Forum Connect

Einladung zum Forum

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