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[no-to-nato] Natogipfel 2018 in Brüssel

Bloged in Allgemein,Protest by friedi Montag Mai 28, 2018

Am 11. und 12. Juli – NATO-Gipfel in Brüssel
Aufruf zum Protest am Wochenende zuvor!

Aufruf in englischer Sprache:

There are only a few weeks left until the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11th and 12th and the protests on the weekend before, on July 7th and 8th, as well as on the days of the summit.

We have managed to prepare a comprehensive plan for the protests.

  1. Saturday, July 7th. Protest in Brussels. You can find the appeal at: Let’s turn this protest into a big international event. It should be colorful, diverse and peaceful – with many participants form your country.
  2. Counter-summit on July 8th. You can find the link to the schedule at There will be greater participation from Eastern Europe and Russia for the first time. Please spread the word. Registrations are asked for and necessary and help us to gain an overview. This simplifies our logistical preparations. For registration please send an email to
  3. Protests during the summit: We have never before carried out decentralized actions in important European cities together. This time we want to do this in Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and many other cities. This is only possible if you participate and plan (small or big) actions in your towns. Please inform us about your plans. Then we can put everything on the website and connect the decentralized actions


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