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SOCIAL VECTORS Of ECONOMIC MODERNISATION (my input at the „Economic Forum“ in St. Petersburg April 2nd)

Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Freitag April 6, 2018

Soziale Vektoren der Modernisierung. Modernisierung ist nicht nur ein auf Technik beschränkter Prozess! (Diskussionspunkte von Hermann Dworzcak -englischsprachig).

1.  First of all we have to clear what is meant with „modernisation“. Is it only to put more steam in the actual existing machine? More cars, more highways, more shopping walls, more football stadions, computers and roboters?
Or is it a real „take off“( Rostow)- a balanced social, cultural and ecological development into the future?
I think only the second definition is a real and comprehensive modernisation.

2. When we stick on the second definition it is obvious that modernisation is not only and not mainly a technical thing.
It depends on a lot of  SOCIAL parameters:
– social equality
– free public education for everybody (and not only advanced education for a socalled „elite“)
– eridication of poverty, unemployment and precarity

AND- that will be my 3 point…
3. Broad transparency, far reaching POLITICAL DEMOCRACY.
What is needed is broad participation in the (main) decicions of the society from below and not populist, authoritarian or bonapartist commandos from above- what we see  today in more and more countries.
Without that the society will remain in passivity and desinterest- with a lot of losses and waste of ressources (for example no diversification of the economy).

4. To come to my conclusion. To avoid the negative trends mentioned above it is necessary to have
– an active civil society
– mass activity from below
– fighting and not sleeping tradeunions
– selforganisation and selfmanagement
On the 5th of May we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Karl Marx. I think it makes sense to cite in the context of debating „modernisation“ his famous phrase: „The biggest productive force is the man himself“.

Hermann Dworczak

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