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[Wien][Frauen in schwarz] Einladung zu Vortrag und Buchpräsentation, Dr. Ramzy Baroud, 9. April 2018

Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Mittwoch April 4, 2018

“The Last Earth, A Palestinian Story”

Monday, 9 April 2018, 7:00 PM. Location: „Arabischer Kulturverein“

1040 Vienna, Johann Strauss Gasse 34 / 4

Lecture, book presentation and discussion in the English language

Dr. Ramzy Baroud has been writing about the Middle East for over 20 years. He is an internationally-syndicated columnist, a media consultant, an author of several books and the founder of His books include Searching Jenin, The Second Palestinian Intifada; My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza’s Untold Story. 

THE LAST EARTH is a non-fictional narrative of modern Palestinian history. It is a unique rendition of people’s history – an account of how major historic events in Palestine and the greater Middle East impacted ordinary people, as well as how that mass of people, in their tenacity, and even in their dispossession, represent a force that determines history.
The nine chapters of the book contain complex characters whose stories overlap, creating echo after resounding echo of their profound collective experience. Each chapter, read individually, is like an icon for the experience of an entire generation. When read as a whole, the book tells the story of a people whose history cannot be reduced to a timeline of conflict, but rather is embroidered and torn with complex human emotions, hopes, dreams, struggles and priorities that seem to pay no heed to politics, the military balance or ideological rivalries.

„This moving and perceptive book is a journey to the heart of the evils of occupation and colonization suffered by the Palestinians on the ground. It allows the people themselves to narrate authentically and with all the complexities their aspirations, suffering and struggles. Ramzy Baroud knows how to listen, contextualize and convey an inhumanity that has gone for too long and it is hoped that books like this would contribute to its end.“ – Ilan Pappe

The new book „The Last Earth“ by Ramzy Baroud can be bought at the lecture.

Entrance free – donations are gladly accepted

Dr.  Ramzy Baroud spricht zum Thema in arabischer Sprache am 10. April um 19.00 im Österreichisch-Arabischen Begegnungszentrum

1030, Kegelgasse 24 / Ecke Blattgasse

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