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[WSF Extended info] extension wsf salvador 2018

Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Dienstag März 13, 2018

Salvador extension WSF2018 [Anm. Frie.: Mitteilungen in englischer Sprache]

For those who, from their place of residence, are interested in the 2018
edition of the World Social Forum, here is a way to participate through
video + chat  in some activities and make contact with their organizers
by coming to chat rooms as of now (check the link in column H in the

go in the group of activity that interest you and make contact with

For Who goes to Salvador de Bahia, organizes activities and thinks about who does not
travel … this invitation to open one’s  activities to remote
participation website

And for everyone the dynamics of extension Dynex1WSF, a permanent way to
stay in the WSF context:

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