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[Assembly of Resistances] Invitation to the Assembly of Resistances to be held in Hungary on 2-3-4 March 2018

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One of the main results of the very good and productive meeting in Barcelona on January 19th/ 20th („International Assembly of Peoples, Movements and Organisations“) was to start with REGIONAL activities in Europe. So we will have an Assembly of Resistances for Central and Eastern Eropean (CEE) countries in Hungary between 2nd and 4th March 2018. The planned venue of the event would be at the Regatta Leisure Center at Szigetmonostor – Horány near (25 kms North of Budapest in a Danube island), which can give shelter for up to about 150 people, with all technical facilities for the program – a big plenary room and 3-4 additional seminar rooms. At Horány there are 28 rooms (16 rooms in the HOTEL building and 12 rooms in the YOUTH Building), and 5 meeting rooms.

This assembly stands in the positive tradition of the World and European Social Forum: to bring people, movements, organisations together who want to fight against neoliberalism, oppression, environmental desasters, militarism, racism and for international solidarity. „Another world is possible and necessary „- beyond the logic of profit and war.

The specific point of the AoR is to ACT. Theoretical analyses and debates are necessary, so we will evaluate the main problems of CEE countries (and Europe as a whole): austerity, social and ecological roll back, militarisation, xenophobia and the rise of the far right in all its forms. After these debates we will fix some axes of concrete common international ACTIVITY and we have to make decisions on what we can do together on international scale: media; solidarity actions; campaigns.

The AoR Organisers will not cover the costs of air tickets and internal transfers, only reimburse 25% or 50% of train/bus/car costs for CEE participants. We will not reimburse at all air tickets, and cars carrying only one person. We estimated a total reimbursment of 750€. For that purpose, we kindly require to fill and return the attached form before February 26, 2018. Additional information regarding the meeting’s agenda and other logistical aspects of the meeting are enclosed. A draft proposal for the AoR program is also in attachment. Regretfully, the cost of simultaneous translation will not fit into the budget and only ENGLISH language is workable.

At the moment we anticipate the following registration fee/participating costs/person:The Regatta hotel rooms with 2-3-4 beds will be used by the ones who pay the full price. These delegates will pay additionally to their travel costs EUR 50=15.000 HUF per night for the room, plus HUF 6.500 for the 5 meals, and ~1.000 HUF for the meeting room = totally 22.500 HUF/ person = about 75€ . Registration fee: Westerners EUR 75/person, Easterners EUR 42/person or HUF 12,700/person.

Participants have the opportunity also to stay longer at their own expense, so they can go home on Monday 5th March 2018. In this latter case please indicate your intention in the registration form!

We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require.

Budapest, 3 February, 2018.

Matyas Benyik, President of ATTAC Hungary

Mobile: +36302524326 Landline: +36 1 282 70 92

E-mail: Skype id: mbenyik

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