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[Assembly of Resistances] Invitation for Assembly of Resistances for CEE Countries Budapest March 2/3/4 th

Bloged in Allgemein,Sitzungen,Systemalternativen by friedi Samstag Januar 6, 2018


This assembly stands in the positive tradition of the World and European Social Forum:  to bring people, movements together who want to fight together against neoliberalism, oppression, environmental desasters, militarism, racism and for international solidarity. „Another world is possible and necessary „- beyond the logic of profit and war.
The specific point of the assembly of resistances is to ACT. Theoretical analyses and debates are necessary but after them there have  to be decisions what we can make together on international scale: media; solidarity actions; campaigns.
So we will meet in Budapest in March, evaluate the main problems of Central and Eastern European countries (and Europe as a whole): austerity, social and ecological roll back, militarisation, xenophobia and the rise of the far right in all its forms. And after these debates we will fix some axes of concrete common international ACTIVITY.
About such axes we start now the debate. Please participate!
Come to Budapest and bring many comrades with You! We will have interesting days  and enough cheap accomodation possibilities.
                                  LONG LIVE THE  INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY!
You can reach us under:  Matyas Benyik….
Hermann Dworczak….
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