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[Assembly of Restiances (SF)] Short Report: 3rd international preparatory meeting for an „Assembly of Resistances“ for CEE countries in Budapest February 2018

Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Mittwoch Dezember 6, 2017

The international preparatory meeting for the „ASSEMBLY of RESISTANCES“ /AoR (Budapest Februaray 2018) on Sunday December 3rd in BRATISLAVA  was very pruductive and  successful. Comrades from 4 countries came to Bratislava (Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia, Austria), some  comrades participated via SKYPE ( f.e. Sweden).

We  had the following agenda:

– say hello by the comrades of Slovakia
– WSF  (next in Salvador de Bahia/ Brazil March 13th -18th 2018) / (crisis of ) ESF/ „Assembly of „Resistances“ (Hermann)-
– reports from the different countries (for above all: what has  been done and has to be done to inform and mobilize people for Budapest 2018?): info in -alternative- media; and for above all MEETINGS in the different countries to SPEAK/ DISCUSS with -progressive- people/ groups / organizations . What could be the points to act after Budapest COMMON and INTERNATIONAL?
– logistics in Budapest (Matyas)
– money- I spoke with Walter Baier (transform): He said „WE WILL BE THERE IN BUDAPEST 2018 AND WE  SUPPORT IT“.
– next international preparatory meeting in Budapest in January.-
The main decisions after debates in a  SPIRIT Of SOLIDARITY  were:
– the AoR 2018 in Budapest will be on the island of Horany (when the Danube is not frozen!) or in a hotel in Ujpest (new city)
– Horany is better and cheaper but we have  to evaluate concrete the situation
– we  all should now intensify the info and mobilization for Budapest
– there was an agreement that for common international activities a „central umbrella“ for contents is necessary (instead of one single theme) and that below that general umbrella  a certain range of  important  concrte themes/ slogans has to be put
– money: minimum we need is 5000 Euros; we can get it through  the money  which the participants of the AoR are paying; through left/ independent trade unions; left organizations and their think tanks (f.e. Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, transform!;….)
– the next international preparatory meeting will be in Budapest in the first half of January 2018
A longer PROTOCOL (made by Helga) I will mail You soon.
                      In solidarity
                            Hermann Dworczak
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