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Bloged in Allgemein by friedi Dienstag Juni 27, 2017

Today we see an enourmus rise of nationalism, xenophobie, racism- politically the rise of the far right in all its forms: right wing populism , right wing extremism, in some countries even the  fascists are growing. In the UK the Brexit won- with an enoumous wave of nationalism, even a labour deputy was killed who was against the Brexit.  In the USA Trump became president: he stands for a social roll back and wants to create a wall at  the border with Mexico.

The main reasons for this horrible development are the combined crises of capitalism (ecological, social, economic and political). There is a lot of fear in the societies and the far right is using this fear for its demagogy: scapegoats are created ( refugees, „the“ islam,….)  and  the reactionary illusion to go „back to the nation state“- with all its negative consequences: hate on „foreigners“, construction of fences and walls etc.

Instead of going back in history (the twenties and the thirties showed what that would mean!) we have to look into the future: international solidarity, international cooperation, support for the oppressed.

This – difficault – job will not be done by the bourgeosie and its political forces. Also the traditiional left failed (Holland!). Initiatives,  movements, critical tradeunionists and undogmatic left  forces have to it. Not through an abstract cosmopolitism and just crying „Long live the international solidarity“. But through  hard concrete work (for example: support of regugees; support of the resistance in Greece against the blackmailing  of the EU; support of defence of social and ecological rights; fight for peace in Ukraine and against the oligarchs in  the Western and Eastern part) and international links.

The international network „Prague Spring 2“ is acting in that direction for 8 years. We  are preparing with comrades from CEE countries an „Assembly of Resistances“ in Budapest. And we mobilize for the next World Social Forum which will be in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) from March 13th- March 18th 2018.

Hermann Dworczak (Vienna/ Austria; 0043 / 676 / 972 31 10 )

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